Is war ever proportionate?

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Short answer

The ratio of deaths is very irrelevant. While Hamas uses its resources to terrorize Israel and force Gazans to be its human shields, Israel invests in self-defense, so of course the casualty count is uneven. And no war is proportionate—just ask the Allied Forces during WW2 when they unproportionally killed many more Naz**is than the British and French that were killed by the Germans.

Long answer

The claim that the casualty count is disproportionate overlooks the fact that Israel makes diligent efforts to minimize civilian casualties, but they are often an unavoidable byproduct of warfare. Under International Humanitarian Law, Israel is fully justified in responding to Hamas’ attacks in its accordance with the principle of proportionality. One of the clearest examples of Israel’s adherence to proportionality is its response to Hamas’ use of human shields in Gaza—the IDF characterizes involuntary human shields as civilians and takes many measures to minimize casualties. It is essential to differentiate between accidental civilian casualties and those who are deliberately targeted, and the fact of the matter is that Israel doesn’t deliberately target civilians. Fomenting the baseless genocide claim against Israel not only vilifies the nation and dehumanizes Jews but also diminishes global human rights causes. Stating that Hamas and Israel are equivalent in their actions is fundamentally misguided.

An explanation for why there can never be a proportionate response in war

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