Are Gazans afraid of Hamas?

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Short answer

Just look at how Hamas treats people in Gaza! It steals international aid meant for its own civilians and puts them in the line of fire. Hamas oppresses women and members of the LGBTQ+ community. There is no freedom of speech in Gaza against Hamas, which will punish or kill anyone who speaks out against it. Free Palestine from Hamas.

Long answer

Yes, many Gazans are afraid of Hamas. There is no freedom of speech in Gaza against Hamas, and many people are afraid of voicing their opinions. Hamas often tortures and/or kills their rivals and those protesting against their rule. The most obvious example of this was the civil war between Hamas and Fatah for the rule over Gaza in 2008. Hamas pushed its Fatah rivals off of buildings to publicly display its power. In its ongoing fight with Israel, Hamas uses civilians as human shields and puts them in the line of fire, knowing that it will receive international aid when Israel counter strikes. Hamas uses the money and supplies meant to better the lives of civilians in order to incentivize terrorists to carry out attacks and to build up its terrorist infrastructure, and anyone who opposes this is silenced. Free Palestine from Hamas.

Palestinians explain how they fear Hamas

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