Malicious content reporting tools

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Discover reporting tools aimed at combating harmful content online. From reporting Hamas supporters and countering anti-Semitism to identifying hate speech, these tools empower users to actively contribute to a safer and more responsible digital environment.

  1. Uncover and report on Hamas supporters from Israel through this platform dedicated to monitoring and addressing activities related to the organization.
  2. Contribute to combating hatred by reporting instances of anti-Semitism through, a comprehensive database aiming to document and address incidents of Jew-hatred.
  3. Take a stand against negative, fake, and anti-Israeli content while promoting positive, pro-Israeli content on social media. Report instances that contribute to a more informed and balanced narrative.
  4. Join the initiative to identify and report posts containing hate speech, violence, and false information. Contribute to creating a safer and more responsible online environment.
  5. IronTruthBot on Telegram: Report harmful content directly on Telegram through IronTruthBot, contributing to a vigilant community that aims to keep the platform free from detrimental content.
  6. Report negative, fake, and anti-Israeli content through, playing a role in fostering a digital environment that promotes accuracy and truthfulness.
  7. FOA: An NGO that combats antisemitism through volunteer training, a dedicated platform for reporting antisemitic content on social media, and raising awareness of the phenomena of cyberhate.
  8. ISOC: A tool by the Israel Internet Association to report harmful or false content on social networks.