What are the objectives of Hamas and what does its charter say?

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Short answer

It is obvious Hamas is a genocidal organization aimed at Jews worldwide. It has been written in its Charter and despite changes to its Charter its actions speak louder than words

Long answer

The Hamas charter is the document which sets out the movement’s ideology as it was formulated and honed by its founders. It includes its radical Islamic world view (conceived by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt), which has basically not changed in the many years of its existence. Regarding Israel, the charter’s stance is uncompromising. It views the “problem of Palestine” as a religious-political Muslim issue, and the Israeli-Palestinian confrontation as a conflict between Islam and the “infidel” Jews. “Palestine” is presented as sacred Islamic land and it is strictly forbidden to give up an inch of it because no one (including Arab-Muslim rulers) has the authority to do so. Regarding international relations, the charter manifests an extremist worldview which is as anti-Western as Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations.

A summary of the Hamas charter

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Full translation of the Hamas charter

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