Iran is getting bolder

The events of October 7th created a new reality in the Middle East, and as the ripple effect continues to unfold, the international community is trying to adapt and prevent further escalation. Beyond the Gaza front, Hezbollah has intensified attacks in Northern Israel, Iraqi and Syrian terrorist groups have attacked American military bases more than […]

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) 

In recent news South Africa has brought charges of genocide against Israel in their military campaign against Hamas. These claims have been rejected and deemed meritless and unjustified by Western democracies worldwide, including the US, UK, Canada, France, and Germany. Germany has even announced their intention to intervene on Israel’s behalf. Still the charges are […]

Why Israel cannot accept a permanent ceasefire with Hamas 

In every Israel-Hamas war, Hamas’s tactics of embedding themselves within highly populated civilian areas and deep within civilian infrastructure, inevitably and unfortunately leads to large numbers of civilian casualties and large-scale destruction in Gaza. This significant devastation often leads to push back from International and social media networks, with many calling for a ceasefire long […]