Is Israel a terror state?

Short answer

The accusation that Israel is a “Terror State” is baseless and hateful. Israel’s military actions do not target civilians but aim to defend against terrorism. Unlike terrorist states like Iran, Israel does not actively seek violence or the killing of innocents. On the contrary, it faces ongoing violence from groups like Hamas. Israel is not a terrorist state but a victim of a long history of terrorism perpetrated by Palestinian and Arab groups.

Long answer

Israel is not a terrorist state, anti-israelis say this because they try to create a symmetry between the distinct terrorist identification of the likes of Hamas & PIJ. It is another blatant spin and lie that tries to undermine the fact that Israel is constantly defending itself against ISIS like forces that have an extreme jihadist agenda and not only want to destroy Israel but also eradicate Jews worldwide…pretty similar to the Nazi Agenda.

An IDF commander explains why Israel’s war is not waging terror against Palestinians

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