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Welcome to IsraelFAQs.com, your reliable source for accurate insights into Israel. Founded by passionate advocates, our platform is driven by a commitment to precision and combating misinformation. Driven by the absence of a comprehensive resource, we established IsraelFAQs.

Operated entirely by volunteers, our dynamic website serves as a pillar of support for Israel advocates and aids local Jewish communities in their fight against antisemitism.

IsraelFAQs aims to be a leading global authority, dedicated to debunking falsehoods and countering baseless accusations. To make this vision a reality, we’re actively seeking sustainable support, primarily through funding. This financial support will empower us to enhance our features and extend our outreach, contributing to a more enlightened and interconnected world. We invite you to join us in this crucial endeavor.

The Team

Dr. Ron Adany
Chief Executive Officer

A serial tech entrepreneur, Ron brings innovation and strategic thinking to our initiative.

Yogev Lifchin
Chief Marketing Officer

An online marketing expert and musician, Yogev brings a creative and strategic dimension.

Eli Klaiman (Adv.)
Chief Content Officer

With a background in law, Eli enriches our content with precision and nuanced understanding.

In addition to our founders, IsraelFAQs benefits from the valuable contributions of individuals such as Sofía Cohen Cojab (Mexico), Raz Aronowich (Smolsky), Ziv Tuval, Shahar Zohar, Carey Fried, and Smadar (USA). Together, we strive to empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to counter misinformation and advocate for Israel effectively.

Join us in our mission to dispel myths, promote understanding, and stand up for Israel’s cause. IsraelFAQs is your ally in the fight against misinformation.

Our Mission

Championing Truth

We strive to be advocates of truth, providing a user-friendly platform for effortlessly countering various falsehoods and anti-Israel comments.

Confident Debates

Empowering you with great answers read for use and sharing on social media. Our advocacy tools are designed to bolster your confidence and enable you to articulate your stance for Israel effectively.

Fostering Understanding

Assist the undecided in making informed decisions, fostering clarity, and raising awareness about the realities surrounding Israel.


At IsraelFAQs.com, we believe in the power of collaboration to amplify our impact. We are proud to be associated with like-minded partners and collaborators who share our dedication to accurate information, balanced perspectives, and countering misinformation surrounding Israel and its conflict with the Palestinian Arabs. 

We are actively seeking new partnerships with organizations, individuals, and entities who share our mission. Feel free to contact us.

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs formulates, implements and presents the foreign policy of the Government of Israel.It represents the state vis-a-vis foreign governments and international organizations, explains its positions and problems, endeavors to promote its economic, cultural, and scientific relations, and fosters cooperation with developing countries.

Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM)

A global grassroots movement of individuals and organizations, across all religions and faiths, united to combat antisemitism.

Israeli Spirit - Civil Advocacy Center

The Civil Advocacy Center is the largest advocacy organization in Israel. Our goal is to spread the truth and fight anti-Semitism that is spreading worldwide.

The Israeli Advocacy Network

Advocate4israel unites over 1,000 volunteers, proficient in 14 languages, to champion Israeli advocacy across digital platforms and shape public opinion.

The Civilian Front

A Pro-Israel advocacy feed on WhatsApp and Instagram, with top stories and items worth sharing.


Startell is an AI-based influencer technology platform specializing in data analysis and discovery.


An innovative platform dedicated to providing well-informed, accurate responses to anti-Israel statements found online.

Project Chazon

An initiative that seeks to shift the discourse around Israel on Twitter/X by automatically responding to misinformed anti-Israel posts and promoting our own pro-Israel posts.


Reply easily and quickly to posts, using validated facts by means of artificial intelligence.


FreeTruth Innovation leverages the power of Generative AI technology to produce counter videos that enhance the Israel narrative and reinforce pro-Israeli viewpoints.

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